Kids these days =s

May 29, 2008

So im sitting on bus 74 and heading to school now. Apparently I anticipate that im going to be late for storytelling class since I left my house really late. Who could resist waking up late on a day when theres afternoon classes?
Im not here to talk about how I spent my morning , but instead , im going to blog about something really interesting and funny that happened me 10 minutes before I got on the bus.
And it goes like this~
I took a seat at the bus stop , urgently waitng for a bus to come as I was running late. I was tapping my shoes on the floor and being really impatient. But luckily for me , I know that Mr leslies not a bad teacher ,and would probably understand why I was late.:)
It was then ,a little young girl , who was around the age of 7 or 8 accompanied by assumably her granny , came to the bustop.
The little girl gave me a toothless smile as she sat next to me ,and I smiled back at her. She seemed to be tinkering with the green little pouch hanging on her neck., tugging it as if something was stuck inside.
Her Granny , noticing her grandaughters trouble , gently took the pouch from her , and pulled out a smaller pouch from it. I watched in amusement as this happened. Who puts a small pouch in a pouch and leaves it hanging on their necks?
And she proceeded to say to her “ Girl arh , qing qing nah chu lai. Ze yang jiu ke yi ler ma” (Take the pouch out gently girl)
She then unzipped the smaller pouch for her granddaughter and fished out a small cellphone.
I swear I didn’t see this coming. A little girl of such a tender age having her own cellphone! Kids these days..and I thought I was pampered. )=O

The little girl smiled happily at her granny , and took the cellphone from her.
“xiexie ah ma” ( thanks granny)
She then proceeded to treat her cellphone like a gameboy , and played games on it. I cant help but peek at her screen while she was playing , and she tilted her phone to let me see how she was doing in the game. For a little girl , she was quite good at snake. When I was her age , I didn’t even had a cellphone , nor did I know what snake was all about.
Not 5 minutes passed when the girl’s phone rang.
“Hello”? the little girl said in a cheeky and polite tone ,but couldn’t pronounce the words properly as she was missing some teeth.
I glanced at her Granny , and she smiled and widened her eyes at me, as if saying “ kids nowadays huh ”.
I couldn’t help but smile back at her , and giggled a little under my breath.
It was then , the little girl who was answering the call , suddenly shot up from her seat , and stood up on it next to me. “OH halo MUMMY” she spoke with a tone that showed she was delighted.
“Wo kang kang fang xue”(I was just dismissed from school) “Mm!Ahma zai wo pang bian , ni yao gen ta shuo hua ma” (yep grannys next to me, would you like to speak to her?)
She did all this talking pacing around the seat , as if she was talking to an important client.
Her granny , noticing this said “Girl arh! Bu yao ti dao gege!” (don’t kick the .. urm, dude next to you accidentally!)
The girl , who was playing businesswoman , looked at her granny and said to her “ Mummy wen ni yao bu yao chi wu can” (mother asks if you’d like to have lunch)
The granny , appreciative with the concern her family showed her , smiled, and said in a naggy yet friendly tone to her granddaughter
“Wen ni zhi ji lah! AH ma chi ler!” (Ask yourself , I have already had my lunch)
The little girl then muffled her phone and spoke to her granny “Ke shi wo yao ni yi qi chi! Bu ran wo bu yao chi” (But I want you to eat with me , if not im not eating!)
Her granny with her naggy yet friendly tone of voice said “Aiyo! Bu ke yi! Bu chi wu can hui si qiao qiao lah!”
(nonsense! You have to eat lunch or you would die!)
The little girl giggled, and said to her mum who was on the line “AH ma shuo da chi ler , than da jiao wo ye yao chi. Bu ran hui si qiao qiao”
(Granny says she’s had lunch , and she asks me to have some lunch too, or id die)
After a slight pause listening to what her mother was saying,
The little girl said “Orh okay wo hui jia chi. Byebye I love you”
(Oh okay I will eat at home. Bye bye I love you)

While all of this happened , I was seated next to all the commotion , and trying not to smile too much. What could be sweeter than a caring granny and her innocent granddaughter?

I smiled, at the little girl and her granny , and waved a small goodbye wave to them just before I approached my bus which just arrived.
Intersting incident don’t you think?kids now a days….


In my dreams ~.~

May 23, 2008

Who ever thought of escaping to a place far far away , where you can retreat to a life of care-free days…

Live life like Royalty , in a beautiful place , where you can spend every day blisfully with your loved ones and friends.

Im sure everyone wishes to live their lives like this.

Luckily for me , i’ve found a few pictures that just might depict such an utopia. {*(Thanks giam(: for the pics)*credit**credit**

This is Maldives , a holiday retreat taken from atop the clouds. Beautiful isnt it?

Luxury by the sea , accompanied by internet access. I’d kill for this..

This is the closest you could get to bikini bottom! Whats more awesome than getting to scubba dive on a vacation?

Imagine the seabreeze at your doorstep.. Darn its just too beautiful to be true. Most expensive things are anyway.

It’d be such a wondrous experience chilling and laying back in such an exotic sanctuary~!

Dining underwater! A dinner just can’t be anymore enchanting. Lets just hope the glass dosen’t break hm?

I bet these stingrays are here on a retreat too! Who could resist the charms of this… HAVEN!

Sharks are friendly too!( i think) A perfect paradise comes with friendly creatures :).

Surf’s up!

And with alll that action, It’d be nice to have some quality time with your loved ones spend in such a serene setting ..

Rooms like this?! It’s just way too lovely. In a surreal kind of way.

I wish my room was like that..

I’d really love to sunbathe on the peaceful shores..

and swim in the emerald waters..



May 12, 2008

I dont know whats with the sudden urge to blog bout hair. But i’d just like to express some thoughts on this lil blog of mine.

As everyone knows, hairdos are extremely important for all of us. You may not realise it , but hairdos actually generate a feel in people when they first see you . IT portrays your mood , and also your personality.

You may not have the best looks,but as long as you take pride in your hair, you cant possibly look monstrous.

Alright ,enough of blabbering on general hair facts.~

Im sure most people are wondering why i got that streak of dry, dead, plastic textured streak of blonde hair for my fringe. Well it really isnt the look i intended to pull off , and it was far from what i wanted in the first place.

It all started wayy back, when me and my friends were blisfully enjoying life after the O levels. We were spending our carefree days chilling out and laying around.And basically having such a wonderful time. Since there were no more rules to govern us , we decided to get our hair dyed. One of my friends , whose mum works as a hairdresser ,offered a really really attractive price of 25 bucks for colouring our hair. Who could resist?

After crashing at my friends crib ,we finally got to have our hair coloured.

One by one i saw my friends choosing the shades of colour they’d want for their hair.All the choices made by my friends , which were colours like reddishbrown , copper brown.. were all approved.Except mine. Apparently , my choice of bluish black (black with faint shades of blue) was denied.

This was what i got from the motherly hairdresser (translated to english): aiyorh! boy arh, bluish black really like black de. not nice one

I replied: yes i know , i just thought the faint and not-so-obvious shades of blue are lovely.

Motherly hairdresser: Aish! dont want lah !not nice then waste money! nevermind okays, Auntie pick nicenice colour for you hor.

Me: urm, yea sure. (Biggest mistake i made LOL)

After dying my hair brown , i was quite content with the natural shade of brown hair i had.But i was sure the auntie had more install for me. With her humming the tune of a song , she proceeded to wrap my fringe with foil , making it look like i’ve got a piece of otah dangling on my face.

I proceeded to question the auntie: auntie arh, whas the colour huh?

Auntie:its a surprise lah! i sure you will like:). (damn D: ()

Apparently, i was the last in the group to finish my dye job. So everyone was waiting to find out how my hair would turn out. The auntie unwrapped the “otah” from my forehead and all i saw was…a streak of gold.

SOme of my buddies cheered :wa yutong so fierce arh! others said:sial lah omg nice lah!auntie very steady lei

my bestie exclaimed: omg you got a jade puget(AFI guitarist) fringe! AHHHH

i was..

in shock ;l

But it really wasnt a bad dye job, except that you cant expect the condition of your hair to be excellent after bleaching it to blonde. So, i just had to live with my new fringe x).

That was basically how i got that shade of blonde on my fringe. It’s not that im a gangster or anything , nor isit my style. Its just how it ended up on me.Shocking, but true.

Heres a lil section to credit people who makes good hair:

MAlay barber dude:

He’s been in quite alot of my childhood memories , and has cut my hair since i was at a tender age of 4.(i think). He’s cheerful, laid back , and never fails to make me happy on days i have to visit him for haircuts.His chubby face would always be smiling , and im sure all the kids loved him. That belging belly of joy he has just makes him look like santa whos got too much of sun tan. Alas, all good things have to come to an end.(He DIDNT DIE) He’s barber shop which i always visited since i was a kid closed down , and i never got to see mr chubby barber again.

My hairdresser: He’s a really nice person who is quite softspoken , but has a very interesting and friendly personality once you get to know him.Hes around his mid 30s and is really tall and lean. I dont know what i’d do without him, because he’s practically the only person out there who knows what i want for my hair.He’s really understanding. I got to chat with him once and found out he actually was in a break dancing crew. How cool is that?

Here are some really cool images of nice hairdos (which are insanely hard to pulloff)

The one and only…

May 12, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

for this weeks showcase..

i present to you, the one, and only,  SALAH squeaky pants.

Salah is a state of the art cyborg manufactured by high end engineers and fine tuned to perfection.The futuristic technology used for the making of this humanoid creation enables Salah to  harbour an intellect like us humans. Unlike any other A.I projects, Salah holds emotions , temperaments and also has a funky personality!

Id like all of you to enjoy the following video, of salahs first test performance…

AHhh heck, just enjoy the performance by this dope dancer 🙂

It really is amazing , what the human body and  mind can achieve.The arm has only around 6 joints (if your counting only one finger , all the way to the shoulder), and with control and isolating the movement to only one or a few joints at a time , you can create so much effects. (freaky wobbly boneless arm effect) But its all done with simple movements of the joints. What makes this guy stands out is how he perfects each and every one of his angles and basically how he understands he’s body. The control  he has over his whole body is just amazing. It Just shows how much hard work and effort the guys put in to fine tune his every every move.


Dont get me started on HIS VOICE. How can a grown man ever reach such a high pitch?And then coordinate his voice AND his movements at the same time!

This guy here , is simply a remarkable dancer. I Respect you Salah :).

Tangling Tango!

April 22, 2008

Alright mondays!

Unlike everybody else , i am one who is immune to the monday blues.

Why is that? Simple. With a quick glance at the time table of ANY Dvfx student in my class, it is very noticeable that the modules for monday only lasts from 8 to 12.  With Our sports and wellness module from 8~10, and CATS from 10 to 12. mmhm:D yeah! 

Because of this privileged early dismissal that we enjoy , we get to indulge ourselves in going home early to get ourselves some shuteye , hang out with some friends in town , or rob a few banks :). I was seriously joking on the last one. 


im not going to blabber on like i would on my personal blog, on how i would be spending my extra time.~

Instead, i would be recapping on how my first S&W class went , and how this event qualifies  as one of the cheekier, funnier moments in my life. (AT least thats what i felt haha)

Okay i have to be frank that Dancesport (the module me and my friend were enrolled in) was not exactly what i expected it to be. I actually had some other module in mind to join. You know that module where you get to play around with weights , and unmovable bicycles in a gym , which is meant to make you fit??( I had the idea that since my stubborn metabolism always kept me from getting fat , i found another alternative to gain me some mass. Which is to get beefed up!)

Anyway , my friend who was into hiphop like me , convinced me (she is an extremely good persuader) to take up dancesport. 

I went : Are you loko? i doubt its anything hip hop

She went : *name of teacher* said that a dancer should be versatile and should expose him/herself to different forms of dance styles

SHe added: Plus, i bet they teach turns too! it cant kill to improve our skills~

I replied : But but its going to be really different , i dont think i can…

She cut me off : ***** is joining too! See he wants to join too! SO are you in or not?

With a sigh i said : pffft ok but dont blame me if stuff goes wrong aight :l..

TAda thats how i got in dancesport!


The first lesson of My s&w module really did made me age a few years mentally and made me look painfully awkward.Well i guess i wasnt the only one ;)~

For starters, there were only 7 boys out of a total of 30 students(?) in the whole class.ANd it was a rule that boys should not partner boys.So initiatively, i partnered my good friend who dragged me into dancesport.

It was when we started learning the steps that we realized the horrors we got ourselves into. My good friend has actually hooked us up with tango/ cha cha ballroom *omgbbq* lessons. x)

Im not condemning the art or anything, but throughtout the 4~5 months since i was newly introduced to dance via hiphop , this was the last thing i imagined myself to be doing .. D:(.

Since im not a very physical person, i take time to learn and digest steps. Dance steps are like glutinous rice to me, hard to digest. My PArtner was clearly showing that she had trouble getting used to the dance and learning the steps too.

The steps were really really simple and i felt like a retard screwing it up. (maybe because i was so awkward and my friend was high on laughing  at the both of us). Partner work was chaos. We turned in opposite directions , stepped on each others toes , and made a fool out of ourselves . hahaha. BUT at least we had fun hm. I even tried putting in that basic toprock footwork she taught me ( think hopping and vertical starjumps) for fun. And guess what? we were still on beat! I guess Tango and toprock DOes have some common timing in their counts. 

I bet the instructor was so darn tempted to break the mirror with his head seeing us make a fool out of his lesson. He kept going : right foot forward, left back

And i would always*unintentionally* cross my legs or even put the wrong foot out

And my partner went : hes biased luh . bleh :p

cheeky cheeky times

It was through the later part of the lesson that we actually got ourselves serious, and managed to learn the basic tango steps. It just feels like folk dance to me. sorry haha.


Thats about how my lesson went.

Pros of dancesport:

you get an airconditioned studio

you can wear anything you want (not necessarily shorts)



ciao bloggie



April 21, 2008

Hello my new blog

Hm im not really in the mood to do a review of what happened in my first week of poly


im going to post a short fantasy story for my first post, since i just so happen to be in a spontaneous & imaginative mood :p.


The little boys mother kissed him goodnight,and embraced him in a warm hug,before switching off the lights.With the click of a switch,darkness soon befell the little boy’s room,the kingdom he ruled with an iron fist,as king.

His toy soldiers lying below his fortress of cushioned silken matresses seemed to react to the darkness with alert, and a sheer sense of urgency to safeguard their king from would-be intruders.

Despite his honorable and steadfast comrades,the brave little king seemed to be insecure,and enticed with fear when enshrouded in darkness.He knew that once the click of the switch sounded,night would befall his paradise. And he found this darkness to be terribly sinister,Like a lunar eclipse or a solstice.

Huddled in his warm and safe castle,the little king pictured fearful images of dragons and gargoyles in the darkness,and then frightfully pulled himself away from his horrid hallucinations.

HE instinctively pulled his blanket over him,which was like a magical curtain shielding and fortifying the castles defense ,repelling any intruders.

Then, the boy cuddled his bolster and imagined it to be a weapon, like those holy swords the knights wielded in the stories of fantasies he read.Perhaps tonight,he should try wielding a different sword!The thought made him feel so much stronger,as he broke away from fear and unshackled himself from feeling insecure.

With burning excitement and unshakened courage coursing through the little king,he knew his kingdom would be able to sleep in peace if he had the help of a powerful weapon.

‘au’some!Tonight i as king shall wield the blade Excaliburr!’he thought to himself as he hugged his bolster tightly,imagining it to be a gleaming and eleagant blade,so beautiful that it radiates an incinerating light that wards off evil.He grinned gleefully, content with what his imagination could do.

Then,trying to speak the chivalrous tongue,the littleking imitated how the knights would speak, and exclaimed ‘Thou shalt not cower in fear from the darkness!for i shall defend thy kingdom with valor and strength.Evil itself shall be scourged with this blade i hold tonight!’ ‘wow:D’ the little king thought, as he was now full of himself having been able to utter such profound vocabulary.

Pleased and satisfied with his men, and his sword Excaliburr ,which felt like cotton when touched by the king himself,he knew he had yet again defended his kingdom from the treacherous and terrible darkness.

Having found peace in mind,the little king sheathed his sword,and in a restful and tranquil state,he let the sands of sleep blisfully wash over him..ever so soothingly.transporting him to an utopia of DREAMS.